TRY in Romania – here we go

On the 22nd of January 2018, the Youth Association from Transylvania has officially opened the local level of the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership called “TRY: non formal learning approaches and self-management practices” when it went to the Zeyk Domokos Vocational School  and presented the project to its teachers.

The teachers found out that the partnership gathers 9 partners from 3 EU program countries, Portugal, Romania and Poland which are connected to vocational education and training and involves mainly VET students, teachers, school board members, public authorities, and partner’s staff. From Cristuru Secuiesc the partners are us, the Youth Association from Transylvania, the Municipality of the town and the. The project is coordinated by Aventura Marao Clube, an association from Portugal.

The teachers also learned that the next immediate phases of the project are to find out what are the main needs and wants of the teachers and of the students and based on this immediate estimation, to create an immersive, interactive study in this Romanian VET school, the Polish and Portuguese one also.

Following and based on the conclusions of this study, a training content will be created for the teachers and it will be delivered in the beginning of September to 5-5-5 teachers from the 3 countries, in the context of a 5 day training that will be hosted by us, at our headquarters in Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania.

After the training we will plan a strategy on how to introduce non formal activities into the VET schools, try it out with the NGOs and then, in 2019 the teachers will start implementing these.

After hearing about these following activities, the teachers were quite eager about the new project plans that include their school and wanted to find out more, so we answered their questions and specified the dates when we planned to start the activities.

Follow our website, or our page  to get updates on how this project progresses and for instructions on how to get involved in the project.