Training activity with epamac teachers

On the 24 of April 2019, Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) was in Escola Profissional de Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural do Marco de Canaveses (EPAMAC) to implement another step of the project “TRY”.

This time was developed a training session, for teachers, about Non-Formal Education (NFE). The training is being developed with 12 teachers from the school, that will, still during this school year, use and facilitate Non-Formal Education methodologies during their own classes/sessions.

During the time AMC worked with the teachers they discussed concepts, tried what they were learning and projected the next activities and steps to be taken. There was also a bit of time to talk about the sessions that AMC did with the students, in which there was a positive feedback and reaction from both sides.

We are happy to say that one more TRY step was accomplished! Not forgetting to thank the teachers for the motivation and active participation. OBRIGADA.