Project TRY video shooting has begun

Started in 2017 and finishing on 2020, Project Try is intended to have, not only but also, video footage of every activity related to it. The main objective with this, since we are in the era of internet, electronics and social media, is to make it easily available for everyone, everywhere. Why video? We believe that it is more likely for people to watch something than to read it. If instead we wrote a book, it wouldn’t get to as much people as a video will.

The video will work like a summary and will be able to transmit to all targets how we developed the project and how it came out. In the end all the interested will be able to contact us and ask questions or what they think is relevant. With this we expect that we will be able to have a bigger impact on society.

The first footages were already recorded by professionals who can do it in the best way possible. In the meanwhile, until the final video doesn’t come out, we will present you with small promo videos that can keep you on track of what we are doing.