EPAMAC Students test and approve NFE

As part of the project “TRY”, we went to ask some students and teachers of the Portuguese VET partner, Escola Profissional de Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural de Marco de Canaveses – EPAMAC – what made the school so special and successful in Portugal. The answer of both sides, teachers and students, was very surprising and similar, being the comments almost always positive, except the lack of funds to develop even more the school system. When asked about what they liked more about EPAMAC the answers went from the landscapes, till the teaching methods, the connection between the people, the practical opportunities and the way they work as “family”. Of course we went further and tackled the Non Formal Education to get more information about what were the benefits in their point of view. From being described as a better way to motivate the students, to be more effective and a faster way to create connections and develop a team, Non Formal Education was accepted from the first TRY. Not forgetting to mention that after Miguel and Susana (responsible for the project in Portugal) were there, the students kept asking the teachers for more activities like the ones they developed.