Aventura Marão Clube took non-formal education to EPAMAC

On the 28 and 29 of November, Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) has been testing non-formal education methodologies in EPAMAC. These actions are inserted in the Project TRY of European Union which is occurring in Portugal, Romania and Poland.

Project TRY is in the second year of developing and, after studies and analyses were made in three VET schools in Portugal, Romania and Poland, it is time to start testing proposals of changes and adaptations in teaching methodologies, that will allow to improve the motivation and school success.

This part of the Project predicts a series of changes in classrooms, where teachers will be the observers of the application of non-formal education methodologies, that will allow the students, not only but also, to experience in a practical way their learning and work on the concepts of cooperation and team work. In the first trimester of 2019 will be up to the teachers that have received training in the area of non-formal education, to introduce this approach in their teaching plan. At this part AMC and the other organizations in the field of youth will become observers and supporters.